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Floor Sanding Material - Buzz

Are you looking for quality abrasives, fillers and other floor sanding material? The “Buzz” range has floor sanding materials of the highest quality for every application, whether you are completing a home improvement sanding job or are a professional looking for materials for your next project. As well as having a great stock of wood floor adhesive and other similar products, we also have floor sanding supplies which can help you to achieve a flawless finish in every sanding project.

A Comprehensive Range of Sanding Products, abrasives & fillers

When you are looking to sand a floor, we can help. The “Buzz” range of products features something for every budget and requirement, including the following;

• Discs – including 150mm and 178mm edge sanding machines, and 200mm discs for Trio floor sanders.
• Belts – a range of belts in a range of grits, which all offer great results.
• Rolls – 8” & 12” widths available in grits of 24 to 100.
• Mesh screens – for light sanding.
• Buffing pads – 16” or 17”.
• Filler – to fill joints and gaps to match your floor.

In fact, we have everything that you could possibly need to transform a tired, worn old floor into a flooring surface which looks as good as new. Whether you are modernising an older property, renovating your home or simply want to give your favourite wooden floor a new lease of life, our floor sanding material could be the perfect product for you.

First Choice for Floor Sanding

Do you require floor sanding products and materials of the highest quality? Look no further than the range on offer from “Buzz”. Why not call us today on 01767 600 608?

  • Discs
  • Belts
  • Rolls
  • Mesh Screens
  • Buffing Pads
  • Filler
Sanding discsDiscs

A complete range of open coated Silicon carbide velcro backed discs for 150mm, & 178mm edge sanding machines & 200mm discs for Trio machines. Dust extraction versions for Festo & Bosch orbital sanders are also available.

Sanding beltsBelts

These are Zirconia polyester backed belts of outstanding performance in grits 24 to 80, complemented by Aluminium Oxide in grits 100 & 120. Available in 8"(200mm) or 10"(250mm)

Sanding RollsRolls

Aluminium Oxide 50 metre rolls in both 8" & 12" widths.
Grits 24 to 100

Mesh creensMesh Screens

Fine screens for denibbing or light sanding
16" diameter in grits 60,80,100,&120
Packed in 10's

Buffing PadsBuffing Pads

Available in white,red,green & black. 16" or 17"
Boxed in 5's

FillerResin Filler

"Buzz" Resin Filler is an excellent semi flexible solvent base filler to mix with 2nd pass sandings giving filled joints & gaps matching the wood flooring

Please call 01767 600608 for more information or to place your order