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If you want to leave a wooden floor with a tough and durable finish which will protect it from damage for many years to come, we recommend one of our top quality floor waxes. Designed to maintain the natural warmth and beauty of a wooden floor without compromising on durability, our waxes will guard a wooden floor against whatever life throws at them – from spills and scratches to general wear and tear.

For long lasting protection for a wooden floor, you can’t get much better than wax, and all of our products are formulated to offer the very best protection for wood flooring to ensure that knocks, scratches and scuffs are never a cause for concern. We recommend that you invest in our floor wax following a restoration project if you want to maintain the high quality finish that you achieve through floor sanding, and with a range of colours available, it will be easy to find the perfect match for the floor you are working on.

Easy to apply and quick to dry, our waxes will give a wooden floor that extra layer of protection that it needs to look at its best for many years to come. If you need any help finding the right product for the job, our friendly team will be happy to help, and can offer their honest and impartial advice to ensure that you pick the right product for your next flooring project. Contact us today to learn more about our products or to discuss your requirements with our team of experts.

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