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Bulk Buy Savings For Your Business

Posted on March 30th, 2013 by Bruce Cantley

When it comes to your business, you want products that offer only the best service for a value of the price. Many wooden floor contractors and tradesmen regular bulk buy in their lacquer, hard wax oil, filler and adhesive to meet the demands of their services.

We here at Buzz Wood Floor Products, understand the importance of making those ‘savings’ in any business. But what makes us stand out from our competitors is that we manage to maintain our commitment to supplying only the best products wood floor products around at unmatchable and affordable prices.

We offer bulk buy and trade discount packages on all of our products ensuring that you can find the deal that is right for you and your business needs. No two businesses are alike, which is why are committed to understanding and supplying products that will enhance the quality of your services, without breaking your budgets.

Lacquer Range

Our lacquer range is one of our most sought-after products offering an effective and protective finish that will increase the life-span of your customer’s wooden flooring.

Our 5 litre bottles of Buzz Uno, Duo, Zero and Shield wooden floor lacquers are available in less than 12, 12 and 24 bottle packages and a Zero also comes in a pallet rate of 102 bottles.

Hard Wax Oil

When it comes to your customer’s floor, you want to create only the most sophisticated and lustrous of finishes.

By bulk-buying our 2.5 litre hard wax oil cans, you can benefit from discounts on less than 12, 12, 24 and a pallet rate of 72 cans.

Adhesives & Fillers

The make-up of any wooden flooring job, our adhesives and fillers such as Hexabond, Hexaprim and Resin Filler will ensure your customer’s wooden floor is protected, securely fitted and easy-to-use.

Purchase less than 12, 12, 24 and a pallet rate of 40 tubs/cans today to meet the demands of your customers.

For more information on our range of products and how our bulk-buy packages can save your business money, be sure to give us a call on 01767 600 608 or contact us online.