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Hard Wax Oil – The Modern Way To Wax Floors

Posted on December 19th, 2012 by Bruce Cantley

For centuries, Bees wax was the most effective way of treating your wooden floor. This archaic technique worked by rubbing the wax into the the wooden floor. This process had to be done over and over again for several days to start to build up a wear resistant layer. The problem was that it would have to be repeated very often (at least once a month) to ensure that the surface would be kept resistant to dirt and moisture. Not only would this be very labour intensive but it also required costly specialist equipment.

Nowadays, the contemporary and simpler approach to this form of treatment is known as Hard Wax Oiling and here at Buzz Wood Floor Products, we are leading supplier of a range of floor products. Offering high quality and affordable wooden floor treatments, we have everything from hard wearing lacquers in a matt, silk or gloss finish to our Hard Wax Oil. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we operate our services nationwide, delivering our products right to your doorstep.

But What Is Hard Wax Oiling?

The brilliance of traditional waxing is the distinctive patina and golden colour created by this process. Hard wax oil creates a far more wear resistant protective film than plain wax, with all the advantages of the waxed effect. In addition to this it is a very simple and effective application requiring only two coats and no specialist equipment. Any other minor external damage could be repaired or restored easily. This low level of maintenance means that you can enjoy the finish of your wooden flooring without the worry of damaging and repairing it.

This relatively quick and easy alternative to traditional waxing has revolutionised the way we treat floors. Quick drying hard oil wax consists of vegetable oil and natural waxes, ensuring the best possible finish in matt or satin.

For commercial and domestic use, there is no better product to preserve and protect your floor whilst maintaining its natural beauty. For more information on our range of wooden floor products check out our website.