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Latest News

Wood Floor Adhesive – No More Black Hands

Posted on November 1st, 2012 by Bruce Cantley

Any contractor that has ever used Polyurethane adhesive will have encountered the same, persistent problem. As effective as these wood floor adhesives are in the practical completion of a flooring project, the substance is almost impossible to remove from your hands.

Avoid a Substandard Finish

Although this may sounds like a rather trivial problem, to any person that has encountered this difficulty it’s easy to see why a solution is desperately needed. The highly sticky substance will pick up any dirt and dust from your surroundings and form a black coating over your hands. Every floor board touched and every wall where your hand is placed from then on will be left with an unsightly black smudge and dirty fingerprints.

Hexabond: An Effective Solution

Here at Buzz Wood Floor Products our hybrid polymer adhesive offers an effective solution. The Buzz Hexabond system is similar to Polyurethane adhesives in the way they are used but have one vital difference; the adhesive is easily wiped away. Say goodbye to black hands and an inferior finish.

Protect Your Reputation

Any contractor or tradesman will understand the importance of a high quality finish to ensure that customers are satisfied; satisfied customers will pass on recommendations and recommendations can often lead to new work. A substandard finish, on the other hand, can result in a diminished reputation.

Our Buzz Hexabond adhesive is highly affordable and is available in both 15kg buckets and 600ml sausages for your convenience.

Why not browse our website for more information about our user friendly, strong and flexible adhesives? Alternatively, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.